An important way to connect!

At EBC our purpose is to worship God, and to glorify Him by caring, equipping and mobilising His people for mission and being a part of a LifeGroup is an important part of this!

We believe all those who call EBC home should be plugged into a LifeGroup. In a large church, it is vital to be able to connect with each other on a more personal level, and LifeGroups are essential to these personal connections, interactions and relationships.

In LifeGroups we laugh together, cry together, learn together, pray together, worship together, support one another, connect and share our lives with one another. In these groups we can discuss and discover how to apply what we have heard in the teaching on a Sunday into our daily lives. LifeGroups provide us with an accountability to growth, walking alongside one another and helping each other in our walk with Christ.