Leisure Fellowship … connecting Seniors 

"Fellowship - it's a wonderful word. It's what you were
made for. It satisfies the deepest longings of your heart. It is
the answer to loneliness. Nothing in this life compares with
it. It starts now and goes on forever.
- Nicky Gumbell

A monthly Seniors Fellowship will be held in the new lounge/
café area of EBC. Gatherings will be held regularly on the third
Wednesday of the month at 1.45pm and is designed to be
informative and entertaining and an occasion to form new
friendships. While the fellowship is primarily for EBC seniors, it is
the perfect opportunity to invite your friends and neighbours.

Who is a senior? No age restriction but suited to retirees.

What to expect at a Leisure Fellowship gathering?
• Welcome, prayer and singing of two hymns or choruses.
• Guest speaker - varied topics consistent with Christian
• Afternoon tea.

Can I get help with transport?
Contact us and we will endeavour to arrange a pick up.

Contact: (office@ebc.org.au)

Program Calendar 2022

21- Sept // HONG KONG - Denby Tamms // EBC

19- Oct// South Africa - Adele Fraser // EBC

16 - Nov // Mercy Ships - Doug & Sandy Castle // EBC

21 - Dec // Christmas Luncheon // EBC