EBC Re-Gathering Information

Published on 26 July 2020

EBC Re-Gathering Information

During the COVID19 restrictions, it’s been exciting for us to see people join our EBC live

stream locally, interstate and overseas.

As restrictions began to ease, we created EBC “hubs”, where people have joined together in

worship and community, at varied places around Adelaide.

We estimate that around 1500 people per week have been joining us as we worship God,

and connect through technology these past few months.

In August, we will be creating the opportunity for people to re-gather at the EBC main facility.

There will be three ways to engage with our EBC worship/teaching ministry as a community:

Hubs: These are groups of people who gather to watch the EBC live stream on a

Sunday morning, and are meeting in a variety of different contexts. We

strongly encourage hubs to continue to meet during this season. We would

also like to see this ministry to grow - if you wish to start, or get involved in

an EBC hub, Click here to register.

Online: The livestreams will continue “as is” for both the 10 am & 5.30 pm services

on Sundays, as well as the 7.30 pm Worship Word Wednesday (WWW). If

you would like to stay connected in this way, we encourage you to keep

doing so.

In Person: We will be providing graduated opportunities for those who are wishing to

re-engage with face to face, “in-person” worship gathering. More detail


Reminder: Let's be aware of the gravitational pull back towards "how we have always done

it". God is doing a new thing… and we believe that we are invited to be a part of a new


Why are we doing graduated “in-person” gatherings?

The rationale is to make sure that we are providing a safe environment for all people. For

this reason, these “in-person” gatherings will be monitored by an EBC COVID-19 monitor,

with emphasis on safe practise. In order to reduce the numbers at any one gathering, we

will be offering four opportunities – three on Sundays, and one on Wednesdays. This will

effectively reduce the numbers we are hosting at one time, and will enable us to comply

more efficiently with COVID-19 compliance processes. For all services, only the ground floor

will be open (capacity 214, with spacing).

For every service, in order to maintain COVID-19 compliance, we will have signups.

Sunday morning, Click here to sign up.

Sunday Evening, Click here to sign up.

The four “in-person” gatherings are:

10am Sunday (this will continue to be live streamed too)

● This gathering point will retain a contemporary focus

● It will be timed to about 1 hour

● All people are welcome to this service… however, it will include a special

consideration for families with kids/teens

● Children will be invited to leave for a special activity during the sermon.

● After the gathering, Dan will invite families to stay, and work through some

discipleship material for parents to share with their children/teens. Regarding

Grow Kids TV live stream, due to this, streams are unlikely during August.

● This gathering is scheduled to start Aug 2nd


5.30pm Sunday (this will continue to be live streamed too)

● As this evening gathering is re-launched it will feel more like a "soft launch".

We are currently having substantial conversations about the content and

style of this gathering.

● While anyone is welcome, it is important for us to say that this gathering will

be primarily targeted to those in the “Young Adult” category.

● We will be putting together a steering team to re imagine what our EBC

evening gathering could look like. This is significantly important as it will

form part of our overall discipleship strategy for helping our younger adults in

their spiritual journey.

● This gathering is scheduled to start Aug 2nd


7.30pm Wednesday (this will continue to be live streamed too)

● This gathering will continue on as it is, with an invitation to all who wish to

simply sing and hear a short devotional from Scripture.

● This gathering is typically finished by 8.15 pm.

● This service is scheduled to start Aug 5th


No doubt you will have questions, so please contact us office@ebc.org.au, or 8276 1040.