EBC Ministry Apprentice

Published on 15 September 2022

Thanks for supporting our EBC ministry apprentices. (MA). Our MA’s are going to make a significant difference to our EBC ministries this year. In addition, we are excited that we (as a church family and staff) have the opportunity to invest in these young people, as they explore pathways for themselves, especially in light of God’s call on their lives.

Each MA will have a primary area of focus, as well as participate in other EBC ministry spaces from time to time.

We have a great group of MA that will be serving across multiple areas at EBC this year….

Zac Heading – serving in Creative Ministries, alongside Eliud Kali’Alaha

Charlotte Page – serving in GROW kids, alongside Dan McGee

Bethany Kohler – serving in Youth ministry, alongside Abe Johnson

Saxon Henning – serving in Youth Ministry, alongside Abe Johnson

Matthew Turnbull – serving in the Community centre, alongside Paul Hunter


Our EBC MA’s are financially supported through 3 avenues this year:

  • 1/3 supported through EBC budget and members giving
  • 1/3 through ACM legacy fund to support theological and ministry education
  • 1/3 through individual support. This is where you come in!

As you consider supporting our EBC MA’s, they will need 2 KINDS of support

  1. Prayer. Please take time to pray for these great young people
  1. Finances. Would you consider being a part of the team that supports them financially?

If you can do this (our MA’s each need $5K this year to complete their support goals), please consider:

  • A one time gift, or
  • A monthly contribution

This can be done through the giving by using the following banking details:

BSB: 065 145

ACC: 00155524

Please put in the reference field that this is for “EBC MA”