EBC Baptism Stories (10th Oct) from Edwardstown Baptist Church on Vimeo.

James Buratto

Family has always been really important to me, I grew up in a loving home where I was always nurtured and didn’t go without. My parents Roger and Lynda were incredible examples to me of what it meant to work hard, but also instilled strong family values, which i still hold today. Growing up I knew about God but didn’t have a personal relationship with Him, we used to go to church on holidays but weren’t really a part of the community otherwise. My Nonna has always been a great woman of faith in our family and helped me to grow my curiosity and knowledge about God. 

When I met my wife, Kat, and she showed me what it is like to live as a child of God, I had the opportunity to explore what being a Christian meant to me. We journeyed together in our faith and and decided to join EBC in February of this year after we were invited by some friends of ours. This was also the first time I’d regularly attended church and had the opportunity to grow in a community and closer to God. We have loved being in this church family and journeying with Pastor Dale in the lead up to getting married, last month, this was a powerful step in being planted here as our own little family. 

Having a relationship with God is incredibly important to me. And since I have actually been working on and growing that relationship I have found so much enrichment in my life.I read somewhere this year that baptism is an outward declaration of an inward transformation which I feel really aligned with where I am on my journey.

I was baptised as a Catholic as a baby, however, it’s been on my heart to be baptised as an adult and to make that personal decision and declaration to live for Christ. 

Please pray for my future journey with God and pray for me that I can be a strong leader for my new family.

Emily Schenscher

Hello. My name is Emily. I was born into a Christian family and from a child I have believed in God. As a child, I attended Sunday School and church every Sunday with my family. As I grew older, I became more aware of what it means to become a Christian and when I was about sixteen years old, I trusted in Jesus Christ as my Saviour and I was saved. A little later, I was baptized at my church. For many Years I tried to faithfully live my life obeying God.

However, in recent years, I have not been living as closely to God as I should and have been living in a way that is contrary to God's ways.

It is for this reason, that I have decided to recommit my life to Jesus Christ as my Saviour. And as a way to demonstrate this, I have decided to be baptized again. I know that nobody can lose their salvation and that I have always been saved, but I want to be baptized again as part of recommitting my life to Jesus as my personal Saviour and Lord.

I now look forward to living more closely to Jesus as my Lord and to living my life in a way that will be pleasing to Him.

Helen Argent

As a child I was taken to church and Sunday school at the old church on South road. My mother and her parents were the greatest influence in those early years and although I stopped going to church in my late teens I remain grateful for that early grounding.

I didn’t think about God or church for many years… other members of my family asked God into their lives but I thought I was doing ok and managed to stay on track living a life without God. If I attended church during this time I did feel a sense of peace and calmness. I had some friends at work that tried to influence me to return to church but still I resisted …during this time I still thought of myself as a Christian as I came from a Christian family Mum and dad soon put me straight on that fact and for a while I conceded that I was not a Christian.

About 6 years ago and after an absence of about 50 years I began to want to go to church …about the same time Dads health began to deteriorate and I decided it would be good to take him to church to keep in touch with his friends. So I was back at church making friends and going to craft but had still not made the commitment to follow Jesus …then covid hit

Lockdown was excellent for me we had a family hub at my brothers house and as we watched the online service I asked many questions and realised that I needed to ask God into my life and become a follower of Jesus.

Returning to the new normal at church and craft I have continued to enjoy being surrounded by my amazing mentors and church family. I decided to get baptised to show that I am fully committed to follow Jesus.

Neriah Henning

Hi, my name is Neriah Henning and I’m getting baptised today. I have been blessed to grow up with Christian parents and grandparents who have been massive role models in my life growing up. My parents actually met at Edwardstown Baptist in the youth group and have been going here ever since, so I have grown up at EBC and have been here my entire life.

Last year was my most challenging year of life, my grandma, who was my rock and role model in every way passed away, and this was something I really struggled with. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and was struggling to find who I was as a person. I put my worth in what other people thought of me and set impossible standards socially and academically that I would spread myself thin trying to achieve. I felt lost and alone, and lost touch with my faith in God and who He says I am.

It was this year that things took a turn for me. God has blessed me with incredible friends in my life that have gotten me through these tough times, and have helped me to grow in my faith in God. My mum and I were having a chat in the car one day about how we’ve seen God working in our lives, and it made me realise just how prominent He has been. When I look back on last year and the difficult moments I experienced, I can see where God was working and how He put specific people in my life to help me through my struggles. This is when I truly realised how important God was to me and the incredible Father that He is. I knew in this moment that I wanted to spend my life following Him, and decided to get baptised.

I’m getting baptised today to reaffirm my relationship with God. To make a public declaration that I’m devoting my life to follow Jesus, and that I want to live my life the way that God has planned it for me. I’m not sure what God has in store for me, but I’m excited about the future and what the next steps on my journey are with Him after getting baptised.

Jemima Byard

Hi, my name is Jemima, I’m 17. My family and I have been going to EBC since I was about 3 years old and have been involved in the children’s ministry over the years.

When I was about 10 years old, mum asked me whether or not I had prayed the special prayer and asked Jesus into my life, I hadn’t so we sat and prayed together, form that moment I tried to grow in my relationship with God but didn’t stay strong because I hadn’t initiated the decision to accept Jesus. I always enjoyed going to church with my parents but didn’t go to youth group much. A couple months ago, I decided to go back to youth after feeling a pull from God. After connecting with the small group and my leader, Tory I decided to keep coming back to youth. It was then at a worship night, where Dale was praying and I felt that God was with me, which is something I hadn’t felt before. I felt like he was inviting me into relationship with him and he had been waiting for me. I then took the invitation from Dale to take a small book of John to read and start my journey with Jesus.

I’m choosing to get baptized today because God is challenging me to stand out in my faith and take courage so I can live the rest of my life growing in my relationship with Him. I’m usually quite a shy person so standing up in front of the church is a massive step for me.

For me, prayer is needed To have confidence in my faith and stay strong so I can continue to grow in my relationship with God. I also need prayer for guidance to share my faith with my friends and help lead them to their own relationship with God.