Who we are

We invite you if you haven’t been to one of our Sunday services yet. Whether you are looking for or wanting to visit a church, or interested in learning more about Christianity, everyone's welcome at Edwardstown Baptist Church.

We meet every Sunday at 10:00am and 5:30pm. Once a month at both morning and evening gatherings, we remember Jesus' death with the Lord’s supper or communion. Whatever your background is, if you believe and trust in Jesus, you are welcome to join in. If you are still working out or needing to strengthen your belief and faith in God, feel free to take the opportunity to watch around and have a think about things.

We encourage visitors to fill in a 'Connect Card' that let us know you've been with us and if we could help or or answer any questions. You can also let use know if you would like us to include you (or anything) in our prayers. We will not disclose your contact information from this form to any of the church-goers.

What we do

The morning service begins with people standing and signing songs of worship. (If singing is not your thing, feel free to stand or sit and have a think about the words projected on the wall). It is followed with a short period where you can greet people around you. Next, we will usually have a Bible reading or an interview with one of our missionaries or church members. Next, someone will give a talk about the Bible passage helping us connect with what it meant when it was written, and how it is relevant to our lives in today's world - this talk is usually given by one of our teaching pastors, or a visiting pastor. Things usually finish up with another song or two before we enjoy chatting over some coffee, tea and biscuits.

The evening service runs similarly but it tends to be a bit more youth-oriented and young adults focussed.

We have facilities that offer convenience to our church-goers: the back section of the auditorium is reserved for families with prams, and a cry room is available for babies at the rear of the auditorium. A hearing loop is available on the bottom section of the auditorium for those with hearing aids. In the morning service alone, we provide a crèche for 0-1 year olds and offer programs for children aged 2-14.