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EBC Foundations

25 August 2021

EBC FOUNDATIONS // Building Your Life On God's Word NEXT FOUNDATION SESSION: Sat 28th Aug, 7:30am // Sunday 29th Aug 3:30pm TOPIC:What is the bible.. and how can I read/understand it? Do you fi..

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Sticky Faith

04 March 2021

Welcome to 2021. As most of you will know, last year at Edwardstown Baptist Church, we launched “Sticky Faith” – a capital building emphasis that seeks to : Update our children’s ministry spac..

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EBC Blog Spot

13 May 2020

What I’m learning in a time of Covid-19?Helen Jenkin (12th May, 2020)L earning new skills I nvesting time in Bible study and prayer M othering from afar I ndulging in too much chocolate N oticing the ..

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